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About Aimée

When I was a little girl my grandmother had a total knee replacement. It creaked on rainy days and it stopped her from doing physical stuff like climbing stairs. She slowly became overweight and depressed and I longed to help her. Later, my dad injured his back. He underwent a surgery that left him in excruciating pain, often unable to sleep at night. I was distraught at his hopelessness. Then, when I turned 17, we discovered a bone tumour in my neck which had caused me 3 years of nerve pain in my right shoulder and arm. I was cured after an operation but discovered a depth of compassion for the experience of physical pain and functional limitation.

These experiences have shaped my empathy and made me fascinated with the idea of being able to assist others. After becoming a yoga teacher in 2012, this curiosity deepened with each person that I taught. During an anatomy workshop in 2014, I discovered Biokinetics. I was gripped and went on to complete 5 years of study in Bachelor of Biokinetics through the University of Johannesburg. My yoga teaching still strongly informs my approach as I respect the value of mindfulness and breathing in the healing space.

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